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1. The Record – Boy Genius 

A surprise release that no one thought would happen especially after there 2018 Ep which was incredible. A strong album start to finish. 

Favorite Song – Cool about it or Satanist or $20 – to many good ones to actually choose one. 

2. Desire, I Want to Turn Into You - Caroline Polacheck  

Another surprise this time its the artist. I was not familiar with her but am a huge fan now. 

Favorite Song – Pretty in Possible 

3. Did you know that there’s a tunnel under Ocean Blvd – Lana Del Rey 

Another emmersive album by the queen of reality building. 

Favorite Song – A&W 

4. My 21st Century Blues – Raye 

A creative debut outpouring by an artist who has been through a lot in her life and has a lot to say. 

Favotite Song – Oscar Winning Tears 

5. 10000 gecs – 100 gecs 

Easily the funniest album of the year. 

Favorite Song – Tie between Hollywood Baby and Frog on the Floor. 

6. Art Dealers – Low Cut Connie 

A really strong follow up 2020s Private Lives and creatively a step forward. 

Favorite Song – Call out my Name 

7. This is Why – Paramore 

Im pretty sure i have a crush on Hayley Williams and thats enough of a reason to love this album.

Favorite Song – Runing out of Time 

8. God games – The Kills 

This album came on late for me. I liked it when I heard it but lately it's on constant replay. Another band i did not know anything about. 

Favorite Song – New York 

9. Strays-Margo Price 

Another deep album by an artist who is quickly becoming a classic. 

Favorite Song – Radio  

10.Proof of Life – Joy Oladokun 

An very introspective album by this folksy singer/songwriter. 

Favorite Song – Somebody like me

11.Blondshell - Blondshell 

The Grunge album we didn’t know we needed. 

Favorite Song – Sepsis

12. Stories from a Rock and Roll Heart – Lucinda Williams 

The legend delivers again – and that voice. 

Favorite Song – New York Comeback (im a sucker for a New York Song)  

13.Keep Your Courage – Natalie Merchant 

She is still doing it after all these years. I have always loved her voice and she does not disappoint me here. 

Favorite Song – Come on Aphrodite 

14.Chronicals of a Daimond-Black Pumas 

Black Pumas show us how its done – and they do. It makes me want to move, which is scary. 

Favorite Song – More Than a Love Song 

15.Joy’all - Jenny Lewis 

True to its name, the album makes me happy when I listen to it. 

Favorite Song – Puppy and a Truck 

16.Cracker Island – Gorillaz 

Favorite Song – Silent Running 

17.Mulitiude - Fiest 

Favorite Song – love who are we meant to be 

18.My Soft Machine – Arlo Parks 

Favorite Song – Pegasus 

19.Worklin on a World – Inis Dement 

Favorite Song – The Sacred Now 

20.Palehound - Eye on the Bat 

Favorite Song – My Evil 

21.Water Made Us – Jamila Woods 

Favorite Song – Bugs 

22.Such Ferocious Beauty – Cowboy Junkies 

Favorite Song – Shadows 2 

23.Cousin - Wilco 

Favorite Song – Infinite Surprise 

24.Jenny from Thebes – The Mountain Goats 

Favorite Song – Clean Slate 

25.Hackney Diamonds – The Rolling Stones 

Favorite Song – Sweet Sounds of Heaven 

Honorable Mentions 

But Here We Are – Foo Fighters 

Falling or Flying – Jorja Smith 

The Day My Father Died – SYML 

Continue as a Guest – The New Pornographers 

Bully – Lucky for You 

Gloria – Sam Smith 

Songs Not Listed Above 

  1. Vampire Empire – Big Thief 

  1. Girls Talk – Teegan and Sarah 

  1. Try Me -Jorja Smith 

  1. Atomic City –U2 

  1. Wagging Tongue – Depeche Mode 

  1. Independence Day - Pale Hound 

  1. Say It Like You Mean It – Sleater-Kinney 

  1. Days Move Slow – Bully 

  1. Death Wish – Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit 

  1. Muddy Feet – Miley Cyrus 

  1. All American Bitch – Olivia Rodrigio